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Attorney Christine B. O’Sullivan, based in Westport, Connecticut has over 30 years of experience in Divorce, Criminal, and General Litigation matters.  She has represented individuals and corporations throughout Fairfield County, primarily in the courts of Stamford, Norwalk, Bridgeport, and Danbury.  Attorney O’Sullivan handles matters with care, compassion and expertise.  She believes that an effective lawyer can often act to prevent litigation and resolve disputes efficiently and economically.  Where litigation must occur, she has the courtroom experience to present the facts and the law persuasively.   Attorney O’Sullivan began her career as the first woman appointed as an Assistant Prosecutor in Hudson County, New Jersey, trying numerous felony and misdemeanor offenses.   After relocating to Connecticut, she continued her practice in criminal law – for the defense.  The growth of her family law cases, dissolution of marriage, custody and visitation disputes, alimony and child support and the division of assets was directly due to her courtroom skills.

Attorney Christine O’Sullivan believes that the practice of law is a profession, not just a business, a calling to assist people in the most critical issues of their lives.

“I am proud to serve my clients’ needs and honored by the trust they impose in me.”

See my comments in the Connecticut Law Tribune on the Limited Scope Representation Program:

“Attorney Christine O’Sullivan, who practices in Westport, was recently hired to handle a custody issue for a father who had been representing himself. The father needed help at a hearing in which visitation was in dispute. ‘Normally, if you are talking to a lawyer about a custody issue or a divorce, you are talking about spending thousands of dollars,’ she said. ‘Custody cases can drag on for years,’ at a cost of $300 an hour.

But on a limited basis, she was able to resolve the problem for her client with a few court appearances, charging her client less than $2,000.”

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