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What Are Connecticut’s Child Support Guidelines?

Like most states, Connecticut has a formula for setting appropriate amounts of child support during divorce and paternity proceedings.

Attorney Christine O’Sullivan can explain how this formula might be applied in your divorce and work to obtain a result that's fair to both you and your children. Put the experience of a Connecticut matrimonial law attorney to work for you —  contact her offices in Westport, Connecticut, for an initial consultation.

What Factors Does the Formula Take Into Account?

Although it's important to remember that judges do have discretion to deviate from the guidelines, Connecticut's formula for determining child support generally takes into account the income of each parent, tax withholdings, the number of overnights each parent has with the children, children's health insurance premiums and childcare costs.

In addition, in cases where the after-tax income of the parents is very high, family court judges have the authority to order additional child support based on various fairness factors outlined in the state statute.

Child Support Enforcement

If the spouse who is ordered to pay child support falls behind on those payments or has stopped making them altogether, the other spouse has two options to get that support coming again. The first is to simply wait for the county to take an enforcement action (which they will do, eventually). The second is to hire an attorney.

Our firm regularly provides child support enforcement services to parents in Westport, Fairfield County and throughout southern Connecticut.

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