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Attorney Christine O'Sullivan

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Does Your Divorce Present Complex Issues?

Attorney Christine B. O'Sullivan:  Experience that Matters

If you have extreme differences with your spouse over child custody or there are high-value marital assets like a business, art or stock options involved — then yes, you are probably facing what lawyers often call "a complex divorce."
Attorney Christine O’Sullivan has the kind of experience that matters in cases like these. If you have what might be considered a complex divorce that will be dealt with in the courts of Connecticut  — talk to me. You can reach us by phone or e-mail.  If Attorney O’Sullivan cannot talk or respond to an e-mail immediately, she will get in touch with you as soon as she is are able.

What Qualifies as a Complex Divorce Matter?

Child custody situations involving allegations of abuse or where there are extreme differences in the positions taken by both spouses.

Marriages that involve business holdings, closely-held companies or professional practices (medicine, law, accounting, broker-dealerships, etc.

Marriages that involve major real estate holdings, particularly commercial properties

Marriages where “difficult to value” assets are involved (art, stock options, accrued employee benefits, etc.

Divorces where significant alimony is being sought.

Attorney Christine O’Sullivan brings unique skills and experience that are valuable to clients faced with complex divorce matters like these.

Professional practice?  High-conflict child custody?

Find out what your rights are and see what realistic options are available for moving forward.  Call Attorney Christine O’Sullivan directly or contact her online.  Flexible appointment scheduling is available to meet your needs.