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Attorney Christine O'Sullivan



Attorney Christine O'Sullivan

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When you have been arrested, whether you are brought to the police station or even given a ticket, it can be a very stressful and even traumatic experience.  Your  freedom, record and reputation are often at stake.  During this time you will need an experienced and aggressive attorney who you can trust. Attorney Christine O’Sullivan will carefully analyze all aspects of your case and prepare the best strategy to achieve optimal results.

An accused is facing a powerful adversary - the government. A person without the right criminal defense attorney can easily be steamrolled. That is why you need a lawyer like Attorney O’Sullivan, who has experience both as a Prosecutor in Hudson County, New Jersey and Fairfield County, Connecticut.

Knowing both sides, the prosecution and the defense gives Attorney O’Sullivan an undeniable edge in handling your case.  Attorney O’Sullivan knows the law, both procedurally and substantively and knows how to apply it, all to your advantage.  If you have the misfortune to be arrested for a violation, you have the good fortune of knowing where to turn.

Attorney O’Sullivan will fight for your rights and your freedom and will handle your criminal matter in areas such as  DWI and driving violations, trespass, assault, domestic violence, larceny, fraud, disorderly conduct.