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What Does Equitable Distribution Mean?

In equitable distribution (non-community property) states like Connecticut, marital assets and debts are divided on an "equitable" or fair basis.

In many divorces, this will result in a nearly 50/50 split, value-wise, of the property, assets and debts that make up the marital estate. In other situations, particularly where the marriage was a short one and the disparity in value of the assets each spouse brought to the marriage was large, the division may be very unequal but nonetheless fair.

Attorney Christine O’Sullivan represents people in Fairfield County and throughout southern Connecticut who are engaged in the process of getting a divorce.  If divorce is an option that you've been considering, talk to me about your rights and legal options.

A Fair Division of Assets and Debts

When a negotiated marital property settlement cannot be reached, the principles of equitable distribution give courts significant flexibility when it comes to resolving questions of property division. Some of the key factors guiding that decision-making process include:

Connecticut’s equitable distribution statute was extended to cover the dissolution of civil unions well.

Whatever the situation, Attorney Christine O’Sullivan provides clients with honest advice regarding their rights and legal options.  She is skilled at negotiating property settlements outside of court.  She also has a great deal of trial experience and will not hesitate to litigate whenever the need arises.

Attorney Christine O’Sullivan is here to help.  Just call her offices directly or contact her online.  Flexible appointment scheduling is available to meet your needs