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Attorney Christine O'Sullivan



Attorney Christine O'Sullivan

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Westport, CT  06880


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Attorney Christine O’Sullivan represents clients throughout Fairfield County in divorce and other family law proceedings.

Make arrangements for an initial consultation with Attorney Christine O'Sullivan by calling her offices directly or by contacting her online today.

Getting a Divorce in Connecticut: The Basics

To start with, Connecticut is a "no-fault" divorce state. What that means is that the courts will almost never take into account who's to blame or who did what to whom. It also means that if one spouse wants to get a divorce, they can — even if the other doesn't want it.

As for the process itself, one of the most frequent questions I clients is "How long will it take?"  The Connecticut Statutes provide for a waiting period of three months from the start of your case.  During that time, discussions and settlement can take place.  If there are many issues in dispute, it can take longer. 

"How do differences actually get resolved?" The most ideal results come through reasonable discussion.  Connecticut courts provide for several opportunities for the parties to get together either informally or in court to attempt to resolve the issues.  Litigation is always the last resort.

Attorney Christine O’Sullivan has the requisite experience and skill to protect your rights in any situation.

Attorney Christine O’Sullivan is prepared to assist you in the following matters:

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