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What Are Connecticut's Laws on Domestic Violence?

The Connecticut Legislature, law enforcement personnel, prosecutors and the state's criminal and family courts have taken a hard line in their efforts to stop domestic violence. This is good news for victims and not so good news for individuals who've been wrongly accused.

Domestic Violence Lawyer in Westport, Connecticut 

Attorney Christine O’Sullivan represents men and women, victims of domestic violence and alleged abusers alike who are faced with legal issues involving Connecticut's domestic violence laws.  If you are in Fairfield County or southern Connecticut and would like to talk to Attorney Christine O’Sullivan about this issue, call 203-227-0897 or contact her online

Temporary Restraining Orders
Temporary restraining orders (TROs) are powerful legal tools. They are also not that difficult to obtain.  All that is required is a trip to the courthouse and a signed affidavit by the victim.  In fact, the abuser or alleged abuser does not even have to be present at the initial hearing where the TRO is granted.

If a temporary restraining order is granted, a second hearing to determine whether the order should be permanent will be held 10 days later.  At that point, the alleged abuser will have the opportunity to present their side of the story, but without the benefit of any discovery before the hearing.

If a permanent order is issued at this second hearing, the court may also require the subject of the order to pay victim's attorneys' fees, undergo counseling, limit them to therapeutic supervised visitation only or impose any other type of relief they feel is justified.

False Allegations of Domestic Violence or Abuse

Unfortunately, all it can take to gain the upper hand in a divorce or child custody dispute is a false allegation of violence or abuse. If this should happen in your case, Attorney Christine O’Sullivan will show the utmost determination in their efforts to see you vindicated and your reputation cleared.

Call Attorney Christine O’Sullivan directly or contact her offices online.  Flexible appointment scheduling is available to meet your needs.