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Attorney Christine O'Sullivan



Attorney Christine O'Sullivan

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What Are Your Assets?

Although the property you own and the debts you owe as a "married entity" may seem obvious to you (after all, it is your marriage) — the principles of equitable distribution can make fair division anything but a simple exercise in arithmetic.

Attorney Christine O’Sullivan’s knows the need to identify hidden assets, trace co-mingled funds back to their original source and fairly estimate the value of all the property and assets that should be subject to equitable distribution. If you live in Fairfield County or southern Connecticut and would like to speak with an experienced lawyer about these issues, call her at 203-227-0897or contact her online.

Identifying Assets

Before an asset's worth can be fairly evaluated, you have to find it or recognize that asset for what it is.  Attorney O’Sullivan has shown significant skill in these matters for clients on both sides of the issues — those seeking to establish assets as part of the marital estate and therefore subject to equitable distribution, and those seeking to prove that the assets in question should be kept separate.

Asset Evaluations

Asset evaluation can be one of the most complicated aspects of divorce.  In our practice, we work with forensic accountants, actuaries and asset appraisers of all types in conducting evaluations of various assets, including:

For answers to other questions you may have about asset evaluation or your rights under Connecticut law, call Attorney Christine O’Sullivan directly or contact her online.  Flexible appointment scheduling is available to meet your needs.