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Can the Terms of Your Judgment be Changed?

Time brings changes and unexpected events into everyone's life.  But for people who have been divorced, new circumstances can make formal legal changes a necessity.

For instance, suppose you are divorced and your former spouse is now living with a new partner. Should you have to continue paying alimony? Or what if a significant change in income occurs, should an order that was based in large part on income be changed to reflect that?

Attorney Christine O’Sullivan provides answers, advice and quality legal representation with regard to these issues and more for people in Fairfield County and throughout southern Connecticut.  Talk to Attorney Christine O’Sullivan about obtaining a modification to your divorce terms. Attorney Christine O’Sullivan is here to help.

Modification of Orders for Child Custody,
Parenting Time (Visitation) and Child Support

There is no limit as to how often a divorce order can be modified. All that's required is a substantial change in life circumstances and a showing that this change justifies modification of the previous order.

To justify an alimony modification, new circumstances such as job loss, changes in income, health issues, or cohabitation are all examples of changes that may be sufficient. Where children are involved (e.g., custody, visitation and support orders), modifications are more difficult to obtain. In these cases, the parent seeking the change has the burden of proving not just that the change is necessary, but also that it will not harm the children.

Relocation After Divorce

Modifications sought on the basis of relocation place a significant burden of proof on the parent seeking to move.  For more detailed information on this topic, please take a moment to review our page on relocation cases

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