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Attorney Christine O'Sullivan



Attorney Christine O'Sullivan

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Does Paternity Matter?

In a situation where a man has acted as a child's father for a significant period of time, has supported that child, has been there for them and is for all intents and purposes considered to be that child's father — then no, legal paternity does not matter much. In every other situation in Connecticut, paternity matters a great deal.

Attorney Christine O’Sullivan’s knowledge of Connecticut's paternity laws and her experience handling these issues in Fairfield County and throughout southern Connecticut are real assets to have working for you in any paternity case.  She is also sensitive to the fact that paternity cases can involve very delicate and personal issues. We are respectful of that and handle all matters with utmost discretion.

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Establishing Paternity

With the advent of DNA testing, establishing whether or not someone is the biological father of a child has become a relatively easy, fast and painless task to accomplish. It does not cost a great deal either.

Representing Mothers and Fathers Alike

Attorney Christine O’Sullivan represents mothers who want to establish a man's paternity to obtain child support.  They also represent fathers who want to establish paternity and, by extension, their parental rights to have a meaningful relationship with their children.

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