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Do You Need a Prenuptial Agreement?

Parties who have been married previously and have children will sometime contemplate a prenuptial agreement before remarriage.  In other instances, persons of significant financial assets desire to set forth financial arrangements to provide for any eventuality.  Its unfortunate, but true, that many marriages are dissolved prior to their natural termination, so it is not unwise to think about being prepared.  Knowing that, Attorney O’Sullivan is prepared to discuss the criteria necessary for a prenuptial agreement which will be reliable and enforceable. 

Prenuptial Agreement Attorney in Westport, Connecticut 

Attorney Christine O’Sullivan advises and represents individuals in Fairfield County and throughout southern Connecticut with regard to pre- and post-nuptial agreements.  Attorney Christine O’Sullivan helps clients negotiate them.   Attorney Christine O’Sullivan drafts them.  Attorney Christine O’Sullivan challenges invalid agreements and she defends the validity of agreements that have been challenged during divorce proceedings.

Talk to Attorney Christine O’Sullivan about your concerns in this area today. Attorney Christine O’Sullivan is here to help.

Avoiding the Pitfalls,
Protecting Your Rights and Assets

When challenged as part of a divorce, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements have often been invalidated by the courts.  Why?  Essentially, a valid prenuptial or mid-marriage agreement requires four things.

First, each person must have their own independent counsel. Second, there must be a full disclosure of all assets, property and debts. Third, the agreement must not have been made under duress (e.g., on the eve of the wedding or under a similar type of pressure). And fourth, there must be some fairness in the end result — it cannot leave one spouse destitute and abandoned.

Attorney Christine O’Sullivan represents women and men, whether they are individuals who are seeking a well-drafted prenuptial agreement or have been asked to sign one by their fiancé or spouse.

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