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Can a Custodial Parent Move to Another State After the Divorce?

Yes, relocation after divorce is possible. However, this is normally provided for in the Separation Agreement. The other ex-spouse may contest the move, which then will require the court’ approval.  .

Parents need to be aware that such a move can drastically affect the non-custodial parent's child visitation rights.   It is important to consider the possibilities of a move by one of the parents before completing the dissolution itself.  Without such consideration, both parties may face additional litigation regarding relocation at a later time.  

Attorney Christine O’Sullivan has effectively represented individuals on both sides of the relocation issue and she is are here to help.  If you would like to speak with Attorney Christine O’Sullivan about your concerns in this area, call her Westport, Connecticut offices directly at 203-227-0897or contact her online.

Getting Relocation Approved

If you are seeking to move, the most efficient approach is to talk with your former spouse and come to an agreement.  If one of you objects, the court has power tol review the relocation factors to approve or disapprove the move.

The burden of proof will be on the party seeking relocation.   Essentially, you will be required to show a compelling reason for the move (a significantly better job, remarriage or something similar) and show that it will not harm the children.  Attorney Christine O’Sullivan’s experience with high-conflict custody and move-away cases is extensive and can be a valuable asset to have working for you in this situation.

Challenging the Relocation of Your Kids

Attorney Christine O’Sullivan also represents non-custodial parents seeking to preserve the status quo and the relationships they've worked hard to develop with their children.  In these cases, she works with child psychologists, professional investigators and others to aggressively challenge proposed relocations at every step of the process, where such a move has a negative impact on these relationships.

Call Attorney Christine O’Sullivan directly or contact her offices online.  Flexible appointment scheduling is available to meet your needs.