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Gay, lesbian and transgender couples in Connecticut may marry and have the same rights as all other married couples both during the marriage and in the event of divorce.

Connecticut first enacted a civil union law in 2005 that provides same-sex couples with some of the same rights and responsibilities under state law as marriage. Connecticut became the second state after Vermont to adopt civil unions.  Connecticut was the first state to adopt civil unions without a lawsuit forcing the issue.  After a legal challenge to civil unions, the Supreme Court of the State of Connecticut ruled in 2009, that it was unconstitutional to deny same sex couples the rights others enjoyed in marriage.  On April 23, 2009 lawmakers of Connecticut both in the House and in the Senate agreed to repeal all the old marriage laws and fully replace them with genderless quotes and all references to marriage will be fully gender-neurtral.  Governor Jodi Rell signed the law. On October 1, 2010, civil unions will cease to be provided and existing civil unions will be automatically converted to marriages. Until then, existing civil unions will be kept and couples may "upgrade" to marriage voluntarily.  Same-sex marriages, civil unions and broad domestic partnerships from other jurisdictions will be legally treated as marriages in Connecticut.  And in October 2010 all civil unions performed in Connecticut will automatically convert to marriage. 

All of the same issues in same sex marriages will apply as those in alternate sex marriages.

Attorney O’Sullivan can assist those contemplating separation and divorce in civil unions or same sex marriages.